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The hydration can be accompanied by oil. Purified essential oils are found in many stores, many versions and mostly based on ancient plant medicine. However, the industry today isn’t always clear on the proper oils that are allowed  for inhalation which can be risky. As with any of our products we aim high. In a world of supplements we used the services of the best supplements and plant based medicine factory in Israel that markets all over the world for huge pharma companies such as TEVA. The experts in “Herbal Remedies Lab” carefully selected the highest quality oils that are known to have anti-inflammatory ingredients such as oregano oil - approved for swallowing and breathing. This is the first inhalation oil combination that will soon receive approval by the health ministry and be available in our store. Most oils in stores today don't have an approval for breathing and some are not appropriate for steam. Our formulas and the lab is focused on accurate combinations, one for our Neubilizer and another one for a stand alone spray. The spray includes a special patented ingredient: NIGELLA SATIVA OIL (NSO) is widely used in various traditional Eastern and Ayurvedic systems of medicine as a therapeutic tool for many different ailments and conditions. TriNutra™ has, for the first time, been able to naturally standardize Black Seed Oil’s key phytonutrient, thymoquinone. And we won’t stop there, In august 2022 we embarked on an official study designed to test the effects of this oil and make sure it really does benefit voice users as we have noticed it does for our team and testers.

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