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2 girls using U-Cali mouthpiece for voice training
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Your Voice Comes First!


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Autumn 2020, corona virus is all around, and a simple conversation between two friends, a laryngologist (voice doctor) and a product developer yields a seed of innovation.

The doctor explains how voice is produced and maintained and she shares her ideas on how to prevent damage to the vocal cords. The product developer finds it fascinating and he decides to investigate, diving deep into unfamiliar waters, while envisioning how he might formulate ideas into reality.


After adding a vocal instructor -who also happens to be a professional singer- to the team, the three embark on a journey to find solutions for voice-related issues. On the one hand, they hoped to provide a tool for maintaining vocal health and fitness, yet they also hoped to offer immediate relief to those suffering from acute episodes of vocal distress

We Believe Your Voice Comes First


We know how hard you work and how important it is to take good care of your precious gift - your voice! We have worked long and hard to bring you the optimal solutions that will help you take care of your voice! All with this new line of products developed by our team! 

  • Hydrate Your Vocal Folds

  • Train and Habilitate Your Voice 

  • Practice with ease

  • Relax Your Throat Muscles

  • Carry Your U-cali Kit anywhere

vegan freindly

food grade


voice training

U-Cali training kit on piano


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