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Muscle tension dysphonia (MTD) is one of the most common voice disorders. It occurs when the muscles around the larynx (voice box) are so tight during speaking that the voice box does not work efficiently. In Primary MTD muscles in the neck are tense during voice production but there is no abnormality in the larynx. In Secondary MTD there is an abnormality in the larynx that causes the other muscles to help produce voice. In both cases the neck, jaw and shoulders may be tense and using warmth to encourage blood flow in the area is beneficial. There are already solutions in the market for warm pillows, but we wanted to create a solution that can be worn during day to day activity, easily warmed up in the microwave and made by natural ingredients (flax seeds and cotton). Our design wraps the back and front of the neck, the upper chest and lower jaw masseter muscles. It is flexible and can be moved to other positions.

Please also read the information about the Semi-Occlusion to learn more about studies related to MTD and SOVT exercises.

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Black Neck Wrap Heating Pillow (Pending)
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