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Maggie-care U-Cali
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Your Voice Comes First!

step by step practice instructions

step 5        Practce with       U-Cali kit

step 5 Practce with U-Cali kit

Add the Mask to advance your Workout -1. Once your voice feels a bit more flexible and comfortable connect the mask to the Ucali Mouthpiece. Exercise again the quick distancing of the mask each time you inhale, producing the SIGH sound to the mask in between. If you prefer a stronger resistance you can change the Ucali Mouthpiece OR use the Ucali Mask Plug notice that we don’t want to completely block the air therefore if some air escapes for the sides using the plug it’s natural. You can choose whether this benefits your voice better. You can also connect the Mask to the Ucali Adapter Mouthpiece and use it with straw in water, but it is not recommended as the bubbles effect is less likely with the mask. 2. Start using syllables that match your needs. For more gradual voice therapy we recommend starting with a sustained “V” consonant and moving to “Vu”. For tongue tension use plosive consonants such as “T”, we recommend the word “Tah” that encourages air release and tongue release but also reflects the air back so the voice is not breathy. As you progress try using nasal consonants such as in “Ma” or “Muh” this can be part of a tailored workout to improve and resist nasal airflow but also a gradual move to a regular exercise without the mask. Note that if you tend to snore or have difficulty in breathing from your nose a long sustained “M” using the mask and distancing for nose breathing in between might improve your general flow in the nose and even snoring at night.
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